Please contact me to discuss size and price options.  A few size options are indicated below, though nearly any custom size is possible.


August 2011 update.  By default, I now print on canvas.  On canvas the finished piece size would be the image size chosen by 1.75" deep.  For example a 24x36 print would be wrapped onto canvas stretcher bars such that the finished piece measured 24x36x1.75 inches.

Of course canvas prints (rolled) are also available up to 44" wide by 480" long. 

Local artists are welcome to contact me regarding printing services for their own images.  I use state of the art archival inks, processes and materials.

While framed print prices vary based on materials selected, canvas prints are more consisent.  In general, a 20x30 wrapped canvas piece, ready to hang, costs $350, while a 24x36 costs $450.  Large or unique sizes must be quoted on an individual basis.


Size (in)
Print Only
Signed, Mounted,
and Matted
Size Matted Signed, Mounted,
Matted, and Framed
10x15     16x20  
11x14     16x20  
12x15     20x24  
12x18     20x26  
16x20     24x28  
16x24     24x32  
20x25     28x32 *
20x30     28x38 *
24x30     32x38 *
24x36     33x44 *
30x40     39x48 *
32x48     41x56 *
40x60     ** *
8x24     12x28  
10x30     16x36 *
12x36     20x44 *
14x42     22x50 *
16x48     24x56 *
18x54   ** ** **
20x60   ** ** **
22x66   ** ** **
24x72   ** ** **
32x96   ** ** **
40x120   ** ** **

Payment accepted by check or credit card (through PayPal).

Custom sizes available.

I sign inside a small (3/8 in - 1/2 in) white border which surrounds every framed print.  The sizes indicated above include this border.  If you'd like the actual print to be an exact size without this border, please contact me.  Canvas prints are signed on the back.

When selecting a mounted print, by default I use the finest alpharag archival 8-ply mats in solid white (white with white inset) and 3/16" archival mount board.  A deep 8-ply mat provides a sense of depth in the framing, and solid white works well with most prints.  Of course you may choose any of the moulding choices or mat colors shown on my framing page, at the same price.  Double or triple mat options are available with the shown colors;  please contact me for a quote if you'd like multiple layer matting.

When selecting a framed print, by default I use the mounting described above and the Nielsen Profile 117 aluminum moulding in anodized black, as shown on my framing page.  While I will use glass if desired, I normally use museum grade, uv-filtering conservation acrylic in my framing.  In larger sizes, glass can cause problems in shipping.  Therefore, I only ship glass in final sizes (print plus mat) of 20x24 or less.  Beyond that you may choose acrylic or choose to have glass cut locally.  Of course if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can arrange local delivery of any size.

Finally, upon request I'm happy to apply archival frame sealing tape (hidden, and easily removable at any time) along the back of the artwork to seal off the seams between the mount board and frame.  This reduces the likelihood of any creepy crawlers making their way into the frame, necessitating a teardown for cleaning.


*No glass at this size unless local delivery.

** I am unable to provide a mat larger than 40" x 60" (or 60" x 40") in its outer dimensions.  For example, for a 18" x 54" panorama, the mat size can't be larger than 60", therefore the border on the long side can't be larger than (60" - 54")/2 = 3".

I strongly recommend canvas prints in the larger sizes.